What to Do First if Hurt in a Nebraska Auto Accident

Many people ask the question: “If I’m hurt in an auto accident what should I do first?”

1st Seek medical treatment immediately for your own well-being and your injury case.

Get to an emergency room.

  • If the ambulance doesn’t take you, have someone drive you. You may be hurt worse than you know.
  • When you arrive, tell the doctor about the accident and where you hurt. Don’t suffer in silence. Describe your pain so that it later appears in the emergency room medical record.
  • If you wait for a month after the accident, before ever seeing a doctor, the insurance company will argue that your injuries happened later, and did not result from this accident.

Next, see your own family doctor about your injuries.

  • They know you best, and can refer you on to any specialist you may need.
  • Be sure to tell your doctor about the accident, where you hurt, and your pain level.
  • Then, follow your family doctor’s recommendations as if recovering from this accident is your new job – it is, really. What you do in the first few days, and weeks, following your wreck can impact you for the rest of your life. Be smart about this, and follow your doctor’s advice.

2nd Continue treating regularly with your family doctor until they release you or refer you to a specialist.

If you stop treating medically, the insurance company will presume, and later argue, you are no longer hurting. So, as long as you hurt, seek medical treatment for the sake of your health and your case.