How to Document Your Accident

One of the typical questions we receive is: “How should I document my accident?”

Your injury case will probably take awhile to be resolved. Months – maybe years. So, you must preserve evidence that you may need later.

1st Preserve how the accident scene looked with a few photos. You wouldn’t be the first to be surprised by changes later made in a street or highway.

Don’t depend on law enforcement to take the photos you might need. While well-meaning, and typically thorough, they are not required to take photos. They don’t always get the photos you might need, and they are not required to keep the photos for a long period of time. So take your own.

2nd Take pictures of your physical injuries.

Here is where a picture really can be “worth a 1,000 words”. For instance, it is one thing for medical records to say your head required 24 stitches for closure, and quite another to produce a color photo showing your bruised and discolored face all stitched up.

While no one likes having their picture taken under these circumstances, such a photo can be invaluable later when the insurance company is scoffing at you, saying “your injuries weren’t that bad.”

3rd If you are in pain, keep a journal

Later, if you are asked how many headaches you suffered through, and what the degree of your pain was – you’ll have physical evidence.

You can use whatever feels comfortable. A tablet with dated pages, a diary, or even boxes on a wall calendar. Or print off the “Injury Victim Diary” found on our website.

You won’t remember all that happened months from now when you need it, so write it down now.