How to Cover Medical Expenses if No Insurance

People often ask the question: “How do I cover medical expenses after my accident when I don’t’ have any insurance or money?”

Well, sorry to say, legally the “other guy’s” insurance can avoid paying anything, but repair or fair market value for your vehicle, until your case is settled or decided in court.

However, there are ways to receive top-notch medical treatment even if you have no health insurance, and you don’t have the money to pay for it:

First, you seek “med pay” from your own auto insurance policy. “Med pay” is insurance money, available under most auto policies, to pay for your medical bills. Typically in amounts of $2,500 to $5,000.

Call your agent and ask how much “med pay” is available. Then submit your medical bills to your agent and request payment using your “med pay.”

If your injuries are serious, and very expensive, you might have to move on to your next option.

Ask your medical providers to file a “medical lien”. According to law, if a medical provider submits a “lien” in your personal injury case, they get paid before you do. Doctors like that (who wouldn’t).

At Steffens Law Office, we will contact any reluctant medical provider, and encourage them to file a lien with us. We have even gone so far as to prepare the “lien” for them.

What you must avoid is a lapse in treatment, or the “other guy’s” insurance agent will say, “you must have gotten better”. In the insurance world, “I didn’t have the money to treat” is not an excuse. To be successful, you must treat medically until your doctors say they can do nothing more for you. If not, you typically do more damage to yourself, and your case.