Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

Automobiles and other modes of transportation cause most personal injuries today. The injuries suffered are often severe, causing significant bodily harm, permanent disability, lost wages, and a lengthy recovery period. This is a broad area of person… Read More

Workers' Compensation

Work-related injuries can happen anywhere, and (with a few, limited, exceptions) no industry or sector of employment is immune from accidents.  Countless jobs today have workers outside the office, on equipment and horses, making deliveries, perform… Read More

Head Injury

Information coming soon. Read More

Animal Bite

In Nebraska, victims of attacks by vicious dogs and other animals are entitled to full compensation for their entire range of injuries.  This area of personal injury law is commonly known as a dog bite injury.  A victim of a dog bite injury in Neb… Read More

Slip and Fall

Injuries can happen anywhere.  Premises liability deals with those instances when individuals are injured on someone else’s property.  If you are injured on another’s property, injuries may give rise to liability, for example, if the owner or o… Read More


1.   When can a claim for Personal Injury “Wrongful Death” be made? Whenever the death of a person is: Caused by the wrongful act or neglect of another person or company; and The negligence was such that if death had not ensued, the party inju… Read More