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“We thought Bill did an excellent job of working on our claim. He got us a fair settlement, and we feel he worked hard on our case.” " Read More
– Mary, Broken Bow, NE

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A 23-year-old male suffered neck and low back injuries resulting from a low-impact rear end collision.  He was diagnosed with disc herniation at Level L4-L5, with a bulging disc at L5-S1, and lumbar radiculopathy (shooting, burning pain down the client’s leg).  $11,000 in medical expenses, and lost income of $762.  After payment of all medical expenses (the law office negotiated reductions on the largest expenses), and attorney fees, the client netted $15,000.  The most the insurance company was willing to pay the client, prior to his representation by Steffens Law Office, was less than $3,000 net. Read More

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Choosing a Nebraska Personal Injury Attorney

"Choosing the right Nebraska personal injury attorney is the most significant step in your process of recovery. However, this can be difficult with so many attorneys in the phonebook and on the internet. Here is a list of useful tips that can help you find the right attorney and get you started on your path to recovery..."

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