Nebraska Personal Injury Attorneys

Steffens Law Office, P.C. is an Injury Law Firm specializing in helping Nebraska and South Dakota injury victims obtain the best medical care available, and fair and just compensation for their injuries. Located in the Carnegie Professional Building in Broken Bow, the Nebraska personal injury attorneys and legal staff of Steffens Law Office have a combined experience of nearly 30 years in injury law, which they utilize to provide specialized, effective legal representation to clients from throughout the state of Nebraska and South Dakota.

You'll Receive More Compensation Than Us - We Promise!

We promise you'll receive more money in compensation than our law firm. Yes, even after your medical bills are paid. We adjust our fees so that you'll receive the majority of your award. 

We Travel to You

We serve all of greater Nebraska so there may be quite a distance between you and one of our law offices. We also know it is often difficult for seriously injured people to travel. So, if we decided to work together, we are willing to travel to meet you.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you would like to discuss your injury claim, and find out how Steffens Law Office can help you, please give us a call at (308) 872-8327 to schedule a free consultation. Our Nebraska personal injury and workers' compensation attorneys look forward to assisting you.