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“The staff at Steffens Law Office is very kind. I had much less stress in my life since Bill and his staff took care of something I had no clue how to handle.” " Read More
– Roxann, Crawford, NE

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Our client, a four-year-old male child, was an unrestrained rear seat passenger in a vehicle T-boned in an unmarked city intersection. He suffered a skull fracture and a 7 cm laceration across his forehead. After payment of medical expenses and attorney fees, the client netted a settlement of $48,827. Read More

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Choosing a Nebraska Personal Injury Attorney

"Choosing the right Nebraska personal injury attorney is the most significant step in your process of recovery. However, this can be difficult with so many attorneys in the phonebook and on the internet. Here is a list of useful tips that can help you find the right attorney and get you started on your path to recovery..."

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